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The Great Relay ’22 is an epic tribute ride to celebrate the huge success of The Great Relay ’21. The assignment is simple: ride the Pan America 1250 from Copenhagen through Sweden and Finland, then north to Norway and then through the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to the end point, The Great Rally in the Belgian Ardennes on June 18. Share your experience and show the world what the ultimate H-D road trip looks like! Read all about the Great Relay ’21 here.

What does your dream trip look like?

The Pan America awaits you at Authorized dealer Cap’s Harley-Davidson in Copenhagen, where you will be waved off. Then you have 3 to 6 weeks (May 7 – June 18, depending on how long you want to travel), to ride the most beautiful roads in Europe. You’ll visit at least 20 local chapters, visit 7 countries, and do everything that makes this road trip your ultimate dream trip. What certainly helps is that we give you € 5,000 in pocket money!


Sharing is caring

During your trip you will share your adventures with the H.O.G. community across Europe, in English. Via your own socials and of course via those of H.O.G. and H-D. We expect you to film, photograph, maybe blog if you like, but most of all, share! The more followers you engage, the better!

We’re in it together

You have all the freedom to make this trip your ultimate dream trip. But we are here to support you. We’ll give you a GoPro and Garmin, put you in touch with H.O.G. chapters along the way, support you with film, photo and route tips and help you share your adventures with the world. We can develop a plan together, in advance of your trip.

Who is eligible?

You have to be an official H.O.G. member and live in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Iceland, Sweden or Finland. You must also be 24 years or older and have a valid motorcycle license for motorcycles above 35kW. And you must speak reasonable English. 

Or you can participate as a team, with other H.O.G. member friends, or for example your H.O.G chapter. You would then collectively ride the bike through the region. Only H.O.G. chapters from the above-mentioned countries can participate, and you have to be an official H.O.G. chapter. 

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Sounds good?

We thought so too. That’s why we expect something of you! Send in an application video in which you convince us, in English, of the following three things:

  1. Why are you the perfect candidate / perfect team?
  2. What are you going to do? (Give a rough outline of your route and the highlights along the way.)
  3. How will you share your adventures with as many people as possible? (E.g.: which channels and resources will you use?)

Be creative!

Want to participate?

We look forward to receiving your enthusiastic application. The competition runs from February 1 to March 10. So, upload your video before March 10 on one of your own social channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, Insta or Vimeo and send us the link via the contest form here below. Don’t forget to tag @TheGreatRelay on your own social channels and / or add hashtag #thegreatrelay. 


The winner will be chosen by a jury consisting of 3 Harley-Davidson employees and 2 motorcycle journalists, based on creativity, authenticity and of course enthusiasm! 

The winner will be announced on March 17. The planning for the trip will then take place in April. And between May 7 and June 18 the Pan America is your multitool on wheels, ready for your epic road trip!



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You can enter once as an individual and once as a member of a team. One winner (either an individual or a team), winner to be announced subject to their approval. Full T&Cs and privacy policy apply.

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